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Terms and conditions:

-All prices inclusive of VAT.

-It remains in the discretion of the members of Natal Razor and Wirecc to accept or rejct any application by a prospective distributor.

-Only available to people over the age of 18 and subject to vetting.

-Monthly premium does not constitute a credit agreement but is a payment for the services rendered monthly. As such it is not required to be registered under the National Credit Act.

-Failure to pay monthly fee will result in services being terminated for that month.

-No joining fee is payable to those who take the full-time business package. However monthly premium will be payable upfront.

-No commission is payable to those who join the Discount, Part-time and Customized business package.

-Full-time business package entitles owner to commission of 15% on all joining fees of other recruited members and monthly fee if they become full-time business members. Commission is payable only upon receipt of fees.

-Contract is on a month to month basis and does not lock the respective person in. If unhappy a customer is able to cancel at any time.

-Approved distributors remain separate to Natal Razor and Wire as sub-contractors and not employees and as such any liability attracted by litigation, damage, theft, death or injury and any other such incident , it shall remain the liablity of that distributor and that distributor absolves Natal Razor and Wire of any liability.

-Workmanship guarantees remain the responsibility and liability of the approved distributor and not of Natal Razor and Wire.

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